Rutland Militia

On occasions, the battles we reenact did not historically have any Scots present.  Under these circumstances, the Scots Brigade will assume the role of the Rutland Militia - a ragtag group of English mercenaries being paid to fight for either particular side.


In our Rutland guise we wear our 'English' kit of grey breeches, teamed with either a grey or red doublet or soldiers coat. Our distinctive blue bonnets are replaced by Monmouth caps or English-style floppy hats.  We march under the red and gold striped Colour with three boars heads and the flag of St George in the top left corner.

The Rutland Militia is a great alternative role and much fun to play.  Our usual high standards of combat are temporarily set to one side to enable us to fully portray a bunch of renegade untrained amateur soldiers - though it should be noted that all safety aspects remain strictly adhered to.

MacKays Regiment

The worlds largest 17th century event is stage is staged over the course of a full week once every four years in Memmingen, Germany; 4,000 townsfolk dressed as a 17th century army encamp around the town plus in excess of 1,000,000 visitors trail through the town over the course of the week.


Participation is by invitation only and the Scots Brigade is honoured enough to be invited.  This is actually separate to the Sealed Knot and those who choose to participate do so as MacKay’s Scottish Regiment in Swedish service.