Fraser's Regiment were traditionally sympathetic to the Parliament cause as well as being highly religious. Today as part of the Sealed Knot, we require neither religious fevour nor any political alignment of our members.

Traditionally Fraser's were a Dragoone Regiment.  This meant light mounted infantry armed with short-barrelled muskets or carbines; in the case of the Scots sometimes armed with lance where musket could not be afforded. Dragoones travelled on horseback but generally fought on foot and, as mounted infantry, often fought in the vanguard of advancing armies or held rearguard positions when the main army was retreating.



Today sadly we don't employ any horse and are a largely musket-based Regiment but we do also have a piece of artillery too.  A good proportion of our members heralding from Scotland, although we do have other members from south of the border.  If you're enthusiastic and want to get stuck in, you can be assured of a Fraser's welcome.


We do like a get together when possible and annually stage the Fraser's Banquet which is a popular affair attended by both our members and those friends from other Scots Regiments.


While regiments in Scotland were generally raised by press and levy - the local gentry raising their regiments by obliging their tenants, either through feudal duty or coercion to follow the flag - Fraser's Dragoones were a coalescence of levies local to the Beauly area west of Inverness and a substantial number of experienced and veteran troops from the continental wars.


As such the regiment quickly earned a reputation as one of the most formidable units in Alexander Leslie, Lord Leven's Army of the Covenant - consisting of 21 regiments numbering 18,000-21,000 men (of which Fraser's was the only dragoone regiment).

Fraser's were involved in many battles - including against the Marquis of Montrose and Prince Rupert.  Fraser's Regiment was recorded as having fought at Newcastle, Selby, York, Newark and Marston Moor  as well as many campaigns in Scotland itself.

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Fraser's Colours are based on descriptions of the originals and interpretations from similar Colours that are still extant.  However, as Fraser's are a dragoon regiment, these 'Colours' are actually guidons (a pennant that narrows to a point or fork at the free end, especially one used as the standard of a light cavalry regiment), and as such they rarely appear on the battlefield when we re-enact.  The majority of the time in the Sealed Knot, Fraser's actually use the infantry colours of other Scots Regiments because of this.

Fraser's men

Matching hodden grey doublet and breeches together with the blue Scots bonnet.

Fraser's women

Standard women's kit that may or not be in Regimental colours.  As strict religious Covenanters, Fraser's women keep decolletages and heads covered at all times.