This is a private area just for Scots Brigade members. 

Here you will find additional and useful information pertaining to this great hobby of ours.  Select from the choices listed to display relevant details

GENERAL EMAIL            


1. Friends of the Scots Brigade   This is a public page for recruitment and publicity
                                                     purposes.  Please be mindful of what is posted here.  
                                                     SK members from other Regiments outside of the Scots
                                                     Brigade are also invited to join this page.

2. Scots Brigade                          This is a private page for current members of the
                                                     Scots Brigade only.

3. Individual Regiment pages     Private to members of individual Regiments.


Brigade Commander

                          Kevin Westwood   

Fraser's:            CO: Alistair Birnie  


Gordon's:          CO:  Nick Proudman

                  Adjutant:  Lyn Johnson

Laghtnan's:       CO:  Ian Blyth       


O'Cahan's:        CO:  Nikki Shaw     



                           Karen Poffley        

Photography credits:  Rusty Aldwinkle, Steve Liddle, Tim Worrall, John Beardsworth and numerous members of the Scots Brigade.  Thank you!

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