A brief overview


Similar to the Drums, a Piper's main purpose is to communicate commands to the troops that can be heard above the din of a battle.  They are also there to help raise morale. 

The majority of Pipers in the Sealed Knot play the fife - a cross between a recorder and a flute made of reed.  The Scots Brigade however have bagpipes!!

A bagpiper on the field is distinctly Scottish which is both a positive and at times a hinderance, as the Scots whereabouts can be quickly identified by friend and foe alike even in the midst of thick gunsmoke.

There is something so spine-tingling when our Piper starts up playing accompanying us into battle or on a march and it really makes our chests swell with such pride as people around stop and take note of the Scots Brigade.

Unfortunately, our Piper lives in Germany and so is not able to pipe for us that often.  We would love to find someone to join our ranks who is willing to learn or can already play the bagpipes.  Fife players are also welcome.