This is a private area just for Scots Brigade members. 

Here you will find additional and useful information pertaining to this great hobby of ours.  Select from the choices listed to display relevant details


Historical Caps

100% woollen knitted blue bonnets and more!

Contact Gloria Holmes (Member of Gordon's).  E:

Recommended by numerous Scots Brigade members


Anne Laverick.  At most major musters and TORM

No contact details supplied


Marcus Music  01633 815612

Supplier of drums, drum sticks, straps and drum maintenance including skins and re-tensioning.

Recommended by Tracey Jones and David Wilton

FABRIC (also see Tailor/Seamsters)

1. Herts Specialist Fabrics - Mr Ali

Recommended by Edna

2. MacCulloch & Wallis - not strictly a historical vendor but a good source of boning and stiff interliners as to be used in formal doublets

Recommended by Edna

3. Harris Tweed - expensive but one of the few plaid suppliers of suitable quality.  Swatches available - speak to Nick Proudman or Mike Netten (both Gordon's). NOTE: plaids often come up brighter than appear on screen.

Recommended by Gordon's members

4.  Bernie The Bolt  Also has a Facebook page.  Usually at both Traders Fayres and an old favourite of SK members.


1. Foxblade Trading

Off the shelf shoes and boots plus bespoke made to order footwear.  See full entry under Leatherwork.

2. Andy Burke

No contact details provided

Recommended by Lyn Johnson


1. Foxblade Trading 

Shoes, Boots, Brogues, Footed hose, Belts, Scabbards, Leather water bottles, Pouches, Sporrans, Plaid pins, Cartridge bags, Linen Shirts, Neck clothes, Kersches, Coifs, Stocks, Map cases, Knives, Targes, Snap sacks/duffle bags.

Contact Tod Booth (member of Gordon's):  E.  
T. 01280 702421

Recommended by a number of Gordon's members

2. Karl Robinson 

Recommended by David Wilton

3. Christophus

Recommended by David Wilton


1. The 1642 Tailor - Ian Dicker

Recommended by Rusty Aldwinckle, David Wilton, Nick Proudman

2. The Tudor Tailor - not strictly our period but good for trimmings

Recommended by Edna

3. Peggies Necessities - tailor and off the peg clothes

Recommended by Nick Proudman


1. Armour Class Swords

Recommended by David Wilton and Nick Proudman

2. Going Bang - Graham Webb. Bandoliers

Contact details missing

Recommended by Nick Proudman

3. Adam Blockey Armour & Helmets

Contact details missing

Recommended by Nick Proudman

4. Southern Swords - Dirks

Contact details missing

Recommended by Nick Proudman

5. John Barnett - Dirks

Contact details missing

Recommended by Nick Proudman

Muskets - often sold via members and via Facebook


List of recommended suppliers

To add suppliers to the list, please email with your suggestions for suppliers of all things SK-related such as kit, weaponry and beyond.